Parents’ Coffee Shop

For youth Members of the glbt (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) community who are hesitating about their sexual attraction and/or gender identity, and who are afraid to tell their parents, or who need help in dealing with the parents’ responses. For older glbt’s: Students and others who wish to chat about their relationship with their parents; a relationship influenced by their [own] sexual identity.

All are welcome to come for a one-on-one meeting with a TEHILA parent who has already gone down the path of understanding and accepting their glbt child(ren).

TEHILA parents are aware:

  • Of the hesitation and uncertainties of coming out, both for young people and their parents.
  • Of the difficulties of telling their parents
  • Of the need for warm, close family ties
  • Of the various feelings/emotions that glbt youth and adults, and subsequently their parents, undergo.

“Parents’ Coffee Shop” was created after the murder at the glbt youth meeting. It exists to provide a framework for youth and adults who need a sympathetic and accepting hearing. The meeting with these volunteer parents enables the glbt person to raise all and any issues and hesitations in a casual setting, and also to take an intimate look into the parents’ side of things. This is the 2nd year that TEHILA parents are operating “Parents’ Coffee Shop” in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The parents are ready to meet anyone who needs and wants to chat. We believe that meetings with a TEHILA parent at “Parents’ Coffee Shop” can help you ask new (and old) questions, and to find the right way – that suits you – to become stronger, more stable and to feel better about yourself and your parents.

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